A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman

A Study in Emerald

by Neil Gaiman

• page count: 9

A Study in Emerald, the 2004 winner of the Hugo Award for Best Short Story, is a unique blending of two literary traditions: Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.

It is a short story told from the point of view of an assistant to an extraordinarily gifted detective.The detective and the narrator help the Scotland Yard of 1914 track a killer of a most unusual victim. Read More

Marionettes, Inc. by Ray Bradbury

Marionettes, Inc.

by Ray Bradbury

• Page count: 9

Marionettes, Inc. is a famous short story by the legendary science fiction author Ray Bradbury.

Marionettes, Inc. is a story about two men who feel they are trapped in their marriages, and the desperate and misguided attempts they make to get out of them by replacing themselves with identical robots (hence the “marionettes”). However, not everything turns out as they had hoped! Read More

A Spy in Europa by Alastair Reynolds

A Spy in Europa

by Alastair Reynolds

• Word count: 7354
• Page count: 20

This is a cool science fiction short story about how far a spy will go to accomplish his mission. Set in the far future it takes place on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. There are some familiar Alastair Reynolds ideas here: hyperdiamonds, buckyballs and some very detailed descriptions of biological life on alien worlds – so ingenious its easy to believe that he is just describing something he has seen hundreds of times. Ah – that is why I like his writing!
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Craphound by Cory Doctorow


by Cory Doctorow

• Word count: 7005
• Page count: 18

Craphound is a great science fiction short story about a feud between two yard-sale buddies, one a human and the other (craphound) an alien. It is an interesting piece about our culture, human-alien relations and the nature of beings to collect antiques and junk. If you are a fan of Cory Doctorow’s other works then this one will not disappoint you. He gives some amazing descriptions and really draws you into the story with all his accounts of the sights and smells of yard sales! Read More