Honoring Ray Bradbury: A look at his best short fiction

This is a guest post by Aniya Wells.

June 5, 2011 was a sad day for all lovers of science fiction. The legendary and irreplaceable Ray Bradbury passed away on that day to much media attention, leaving hundreds of stories behind for present and future readers. People will always praise his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 as his masterpiece; I anticipate that it’ll be taught in high school and college classrooms for decades to come. But the truth of the matter is that Mr. Bradbury was a master at short fiction, writing over 600 in his lifetime. In these 600 stories, he took readers to distant worlds meeting alien beings, or he showed us an Earth that could be.

His talents will surely be missed, but his stories will be treasured forever. Here are three of his best short fiction stories. Read More

The Veldt

The Veldt is a 1950 short story written by Ray Bradbury. It is about a family that lives in an automated house with a virtual nursery. When the children start using the nursery to conjure up images of Africa and lions, the parents decide it’s time for a break. But will their ruling stand? Read More

Marionettes, Inc. by Ray Bradbury

Marionettes, Inc.

by Ray Bradbury

• Page count: 9

Marionettes, Inc. is a famous short story by the legendary science fiction author Ray Bradbury.

Marionettes, Inc. is a story about two men who feel they are trapped in their marriages, and the desperate and misguided attempts they make to get out of them by replacing themselves with identical robots (hence the “marionettes”). However, not everything turns out as they had hoped! Read More