Like Oceans of Liquid Skin by ES Wynn

Like Oceans of Liquid Skin by ES Wynn is a horror/scifi choose-you-own-adventure book, about a mutagenic weapons expert, stuck in a planet with an army of John Carpenter’s The Thing’s older, meaner, hungrier brothers.

All but mindless…

Doctor Taldas is a mutagenic weaponry expert in the employ of the Grey Society, a secret conglomerate of scientists and weapons manufacturers that have their hands in almost every pie in the stairways. After being called to Orcus Delta to investigate a case of what is described as a ‘possible xenological epidemic’ he realizes that Hell is a very real place, somewhere in the western spiral arm of the Galaxy.

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The Red Hell of Jupiter by Paul Ernst

This is a guest post by Jerry Robinette.

How can you not love a story titled “The Red Hell of Jupiter?”

This juicy example of 1930s raygun-and-romance by Paul Ernst originally appeared in Astounding Stories in October of ’31. It’s novella length (a bit over 24,000 words) but worth the time if you enjoy pipe-cleaner aliens and ray-gun shootouts. Read More

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott

This is a guest post by Melanie Slaugh.

Prepare to have your mind blown. The narrator of this strange and interesting satirical novella from 1884 is none other than… a Square.

Yes, you read that right. A Square apparently is telling his life story. Not a cube or a box, either, but a simple, two-dimensional Square. And that is pretty much how the story goes. Follow a two-dimensional shape through his life as he traverses Flatland and encounters someone from Spaceland, who transcends the two dimensions into three, something he cannot begin to fathom. Read More

Thief of Always by Clive Barker

This is a guest post by Sarah Rexman.

Thief of Always is an older book by famed horror aficionado Clive Barker, and it could be considered a type of children’s book. Written for those between the ages of 10-13, the story is fantastic for any age and is easily one of my favorite books by this particular author. Your typical premise; boy gets bored, creepy man takes him away, boy is no longer bored. Read More

The Deceptive Smiles of Bredmeyer Deed by Susan Scutti

[Editor’s Note: Author Susan Scutti has sent me some information about her science fiction novella, "The Deceptive Smiles of Bredmeyer Deed", so I am passing it on to all of you. Keep in mind that I haven’t read it, but if you do please let us know what you thought.]

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Dawn Theocratis has been stuck for years. Her career is paused, her heart is stone and her dreams no longer breathe. Enter Bredmeyer Deed, co-worker. Read More