Discover How Archaeologists Translated Secret Martian Writings!

Wouldn’t it be cool if Mars once held a civilization similar to our own? That is the premise of H. Beam Piper’s 1957 science fiction novelette “Omnilingual” where a group of specially trained scientists travel to the Red Planet to uncover an ancient Martian city. The scientists find themselves stumped by the aliens’ language until one dedicated and tenacious archaeologist finds a “Rosetta Stone” that opens the proverbial floodgates.
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The Day the Martians Came by Frederik Pohl

The Day the Martians Came

by Frederik Pohl

• Word count: 2579
• Page count: 6

The Day the Martians Came is an interestingly abstract science fiction short story by Frederik Pohl. First published in 1967 it explores the social ramifications of humans discovering an alien race.

The story follows one night of a hotel manager as he struggles to deal with all the reporters in his establishment on the eve of NASA’s returning Algonquin Nine – an expediton to Mars. Read More