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Tideline by Elizabeth Bear


by Elizabeth Bear

• Word count: 4280
• Page count: 8

Tideline is a science fiction short story about the lone survivor of a war – a sentient war machine – and its struggles to create memorials for its fallen comrades. As it combs the beach looking for trinkets, it forms a most unusual friendship which prods it into doing things it otherwise would never do. Read More

The Cube Game by Emily Seife

The Cube Game

by Emily Seife

• Word count: 1646
• Page count: 3

The Cube Game is a very short science fiction story written by a twelve year old girl: Emily Seife. An excellent short story for kids and adults, this piece is about a game that is played by the children of Rijuan – an experimental environment just outside of Nypron’s third moon. The cube game was created to teach the kids to consider their every movement in the low oxygen atmosphere where they live. Read More

Marionettes, Inc. by Ray Bradbury

Marionettes, Inc.

by Ray Bradbury

• Page count: 9

Marionettes, Inc. is a famous short story by the legendary science fiction author Ray Bradbury.

Marionettes, Inc. is a story about two men who feel they are trapped in their marriages, and the desperate and misguided attempts they make to get out of them by replacing themselves with identical robots (hence the “marionettes”). However, not everything turns out as they had hoped! Read More