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2020 News – Twinning with Galixos 2867#3 -Global Warming and Climate Change by Rob Hopcott

This is a guest post by Dana Viktor.

The earth is about to get some very bad news.

Non-Spoiler Summary

In this newscast of the future, the President of Earth appears to deliver some very bad news: The alien race of the planet Galixos 2867#3, a small planet in the Andromeda nebula, has decided against its proposal to twin with the planet Earth. The reasons given by this peaceful and advanced species — which look like 4-meter-long millipedes with three heads — include “cultural and practical” incompatibilities with the people of the earth. Read More

Romano, The Great Magician by Martin Dugas

One of our part-time reviewers, Martin Dugas, sent me some information about his latest short story “Romano, The Great Magician” so I am passing it on to you. He is offering the story as a free download during the next 3 days, so be sure to check it out.

“Romano, The Great Magician”, a 2012 flash fiction by Martin Dugas, is about a magician who attempts to time travel right before the eyes of his spectators. Read More

Flash Fiction Friday: My Own Story!

I’m not sure if you knew this or not, but in addition to reading and reviewing science fiction short stories I also like to dabble in writing them. Anyway, along that note I just wanted to announce that my own flash fiction piece “The Race” has just been published at WeirdYear. Hooray for me! Read More