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After the Myths Went Home by Robert Silverberg

After the Myths Went Home by Robert Silverberg is the one story you know it would make for an awesome Dr Who special. Or Twilight Zone episode. Or anything, just somebody PLEASE MAKE THIS!

“Leor’s new machine had crystal rods and silver sides. A giant emerald was embedded in its twelve-angled lid.”

There are no problems in the future. Everyone’s belly is full, no-one drowns or thirsts or is ever unhappy. There are such lovely marvels in the future, when the mysteries of the Universe have been laid bare and Earth’s problems are in Earth’s past, the planet itself a distant memory.

It is the best of times and the worst part is, everybody agrees.

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The Big Bounce by Walter S. Tevis

This is a guest post by Saurabh Sawhney.

The perfect example of putting the ‘Science’ in ‘Science Fiction’. While attempting to develop a better eraser, Farnsworth has synthesized a material that behaves rather oddly. It is made in the shape of a ball that gathers momentum after it is dropped, going higher with each bounce. Read More