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Like Oceans of Liquid Skin by ES Wynn

Like Oceans of Liquid Skin by ES Wynn is a horror/scifi choose-you-own-adventure book, about a mutagenic weapons expert, stuck in a planet with an army of John Carpenter’s The Thing’s older, meaner, hungrier brothers.

All but mindless…

Doctor Taldas is a mutagenic weaponry expert in the employ of the Grey Society, a secret conglomerate of scientists and weapons manufacturers that have their hands in almost every pie in the stairways. After being called to Orcus Delta to investigate a case of what is described as a ‘possible xenological epidemic’ he realizes that Hell is a very real place, somewhere in the western spiral arm of the Galaxy.

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Deus Ex Arca by Desirina Boskovich

Deus Ex Arca by Desirina Boskovich is a story about a boy and a box and everything in between or after it and it actually defies explanation.

So there’s this box, right? And there’s a boy and…uh…

Ever read one of those downright weird stories by Jorge Luis Borges? The ones where you don’t quite get what’s going on like the Library of Babylon or Blue Tigers? Where you read through the story and you’re just gripped by it but you don’t get it and then you wake up like, two days later in the middle of the damn night and you go: “Hey! Now I get it!”

And then you girlfriend tells you to get back to sleep, why are you acting all crazy and stuff?

Well, this is Deus Ex Arca.

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