My Favorite Science Fiction Story: Tinkoo

Today’s post is a guest review by Tinkoo. Variety SF, one of Tinkoo’s web sites, is my all-time favorite science fiction blog, and has inspired many of my own reviews and posts. Over the past year he and I have shared stories, links, comments and reviews. Although we live on completely opposite sides of the world (he’s in India) I have rarely run across someone whose taste in science fiction is so close to my own. So, with all that in mind I recently asked Tinkoo “What is your favorite science fiction short story and why?” Here is what he had to say: Read More

The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke, one of the most famous science fiction authors ever, and part of the “Big Three” of the genre (along with Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein), passed away today.

In memory of this great science fiction writer I present “The Nine Billion Names of God”, the 1953 science fiction short story that was so good it won a retrospective Hugo award. It is about a company that sells a computer to a Tibetan monestary so they can quickly finish listing all the possible names of God and fulfill their destinies.
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The Star by Arthur C. Clarke

The Star

by Arthur C. Clarke

• Word count: 2475
• Page count: 6

The Star is a classic science fiction short story by one of the genre’s most famous authors: Arthur C. Clarke. It is a story told from the point of view of a Jesuit astrophysicist aboard a starship that is investigating the Phoenix Nebula. The site of a supernova some 6,000 years earlier, the nebula has yielded knowledge that shakes his faith to its very core. Read More