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Flash Fiction Monday: Dead Automatons and Spice Loving Aliens

Do you like hot dogs? I’ll admit it – I do, even though they aren’t the best food for me to eat. I especially love to load them up with condiments like ketchup, mustard and dill relish – yum! But what if one of those condiments was a biological poison? Not only would that suck, but then this tasty treat could be used as a form of weapon – which would suck even more! One of today’s stories deals with that very scenario – and the results are quite interesting!
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My Best Friend is a Robot by Brady Gerber

My Best Friend is a Robot by Brady Gerber is a story about a man named Dave and his descent into an existential nightmare and the equivalent of the last other person on earth holding you under the water until you drown, then dying of a heart attack, thus leaving you unharmed but alone forever.

Original image by Erik Dreyer (

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