3 Science Fiction Stories on Wattpad

This is a guest post by Paul Taylor.

For those who don’t know what Wattpad is, it is a website where writers can post their stories or novels to be read by anyone who has access to the Internet. It is a great method that provides new and seasoned writers a chance to gauge how their styles and ideas will play out to the general public. Readers can give critiques, comments, and insights about the story the author posted in order to make changes prior to publishing. Read More

2020 News – Twinning with Galixos 2867#3 -Global Warming and Climate Change by Rob Hopcott

This is a guest post by Dana Viktor.

The earth is about to get some very bad news.

Non-Spoiler Summary

In this newscast of the future, the President of Earth appears to deliver some very bad news: The alien race of the planet Galixos 2867#3, a small planet in the Andromeda nebula, has decided against its proposal to twin with the planet Earth. The reasons given by this peaceful and advanced species — which look like 4-meter-long millipedes with three heads — include “cultural and practical” incompatibilities with the people of the earth. Read More

Professor Panini by Matthew Grigg

This is a guest post by Inez Ponce de Leon.

If you swapped minds with your dog, what would you do? Go to the mall, sneak into locker rooms, or chase cats all day? Now, what if you swapped minds with a duck? A cat? Or worse, a toaster?

This is the quandary faced by a nameless professor in Matthew Grigg’s short story, Professor Panini. The story starts when a self-made man, now a professor and researcher, works on exchanging the minds of a cat and duck using a machine. There are no details about how the machine works or what it looks like; suffice it to say that the experiment doesn’t go as planned, and hilarity ensues. Read More