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Youth by Issac Asimov

This is a guest post by Debra Johnson.

Summary: Two young boys find a pair of exotic creatures and keep them as pets, thinking they can use them to join the circus. After trying unsuccessfully to feed and hide them, their parents find out. It turns out that the pets they’d captured were explorers from another planet that the boys’ fathers had been waiting for. Read More

Beyond the Door by Philip K. Dick

This is a guest post by Alvina Lopez.

Most people know of Philip K. Dick’s great science fiction novels, but despite having multiple short stories adapted into feature films, a lot of people aren’t as aware of his large proliferation of short stories. The fact of the matter is that Dick wrote around 121 shot stories, many of which appeared in science fiction magazines. While I haven’t had the joy of reading all of them, I recently came across one that was available online for free titled “Beyond the Door.” Read More