Flash Fiction Monday: Presidents and Camels

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As I was checking out the latest stories on the web site Daily Science Fiction, I noticed a cool feature in the side-bar: the Transporter can take you to a highly rated random story! Well, I just had to try that! I clicked a few times to get science ficiton stories (you can tell by looking at the URL) and then gave these 2 stories a try. The Transporter, it turns out, does a really good job!

For the People by Ronald D. Ferguson

Presidents aren’t always popular people, and sometimes people want to “get rid of them” if you know what I mean. (Hint, hint, wink, wink!) But what if the terrorists forgot to do their due diligence when it came to checking things out? Whoops, somebody is going to look stupid!

Read For the People online for free.

Englebert by Gareth D Jones

Nanomachines in science fiction have always held allure and the promise of great biological accomplishments. But what if instead of being used on humans they were injected into a big, dumb, compassionate animal? Things might turn out different than anyone anticipated!

Read Englebert online for free.


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