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Arrival: A Movie and a Short Story

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Arrival movie posterI went to see the movie Arrival yesterday. I had been wanting to see it for some time – ever since I found out it was based on one of my all-time favorite science fiction short stories: Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang.

I read and reviewed the story not long after I started this site, and it was the first Ted Chiang story I ever read. I remember absolutely loving it, and being blown away by what a cool story it was as well as the great writing. That was almost 9 years ago, and while I remembered the main gist of the story I didn’t recall all the details. That’s OK though, and maybe that was why I loved the movie so much. I often find that I don’t like seeing movies that are based on books or stories that I’ve read – because somehow they are just not as good. But I really enjoyed this movie. I’ll admit that I was predisposed to like it, since I am a huge Ted Chiang fan – this story in particular. However, I felt it was really well done. Sure, there were the few sub-plots and events that had been thrown in by Hollywood, to make it more exciting I guess, but they weren’t too bad. The main plot was basically the same as the story, and there were a few things that were actually better. Surprise!

OK, so I don’t want to go into a long blow-by-blow comparison of the movie to the story, but suffice it to say that I quite liked it, thought the acting was great, and consider it to be one of the best movies I have seen in quite a while. If you are a fan of the story, or of the author, or of thought-provoking science fiction in general then I would highly encourage you to see this flick – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

If you haven’t read this fantastic story then be sure to check out my review of it. And if you have seen the movie leave a comment letting me know what you thought of it.