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Flash Fiction Tuesday: 1 great site, 2 awesome stories, 3 minutes of fantastic reading!

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Flash Fiction Online has some great stories – and not just the science fiction ones either. Here are two recent stories that I really liked, and if you dig them too then be sure to check out some of the other gems available on their fantastic site!

Fibonacci by Eleanor R. Wood

The Fibonacci sequence: adding the sequence’s last number to its predecessor to generate the next number. It’s a cool and well known mathematical idea. Wouldn’t it be great if somebody wrote a story that combined its occurrences in nature with the structure of the story? It sure would!

Read Fibonacci online for free.

Rewind by Scott Baker

I know there have been a lot of stories (and movies) about people who go back in time to correct some mistake or have a do-over for something. Here is another one, with a little bit of a twist to it – and it is pretty good too! Whoops. _Pop._ It is great!

Read Rewind online for free.


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