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Flash Fiction Wednesday: Downtime coding and fantastic battles

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It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a couple of flash fiction stories – so I figured it was time to do so! Here are a pair of good, tiny stories that you can read during lunchtime… or anytime you want.

CodeMe by Morrow Brady

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of those applications that take advantage of your computer’s down time to perform a small piece of some gargantuan task – like searching for extra-terrestrial life or something like that. Well, what if there was an application that did the same thing with your brain’s processing power? You know, allowing you to write code while you waited at a traffic light, or at an elevator – that sort of thing. That would be really cool… unless something went wrong!

Read CodeMe online for free.

Indistinquishable by Rocky Hutson

Did you ever see the Disney animated movie The Sword in the Stone? There is a great sequence in it where Merlin has a magical battle with the Mad Madam Mim. It is enjoyable because they each use their quick wits to come up with magical spells to save their skin! Anyway, here is a story which reminded me of that scene – except here it involves modern day technologies. Oh – and it is somewhat more routine too!

Read Indistinquishable online for free.


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