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Once Upon a Time… Nothing Happened

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This is a guest post by Ken Myers.

Wattpad can be a great place to find new and engaging science fiction works from authors all over the world. Sometimes, even the shortest of stories could have a profound impact on the lives from those whom the story is read. For a single page short, “Once Upon a Time… Nothing Happened” says more than what the author has delivered. What makes this extremely short story so compelling to those that read its text?

Plot with Potential – The actual plot of the short story is what if nothing happened for a single day. Without news, celebrities, violence, births or anything else that seems to take time away from our daily life, would panic ensue? While some skeptics may believe that people are not generally that observant, it’s an interesting situation if you were to think about the realism of what would truly happen.

Character of the Population – Without including a single character, people are led to assume the author is including them within the story. Aside from the generalization of “people” when describing how the populace would perceive a day with nothing happening, it reads more like a third-person blog post addressing the reader – much like how this one is addressing you. It’s reminiscent of a brief history report regarding a general outlook of society.

Reflection of Humanity – The story demonstrates a great deal of humanity while using few words. There are many things that humankind puts such a high value on in reality that doesn’t have a complete impact in daily life. The affairs of others gives us a break from our ordinary lives and allows us to focus attention on everything except what matters the most. In a single page worth of text, the author simply conveys this message.

Open for Discussions – Like all good stories, “Once Upon a Time… Nothing Happened” is easily a thought provoking read. The author goes into a bit of detail near then end of what could happen globally if this kind of a situation happened. For many, it could be a true testament to how he or she could react while providing a basis for discussion with others.

Although it’s only a page long, this story can speak to you on many levels. It’s a demonstration of what many people hold important as well as signify what should be important. Once you take the few minutes out of your day to read the story, would you know what to do if for one day nothing happened?

Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.

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  1. This story and its “review” seems like one of those forwarded emails with a “profound” message that my mother often sends me.

    I know it’s a little early for April Fool’s Day, but come on…

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