Cybernetrix by Carlton Mellick III

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Cybernetrix by Carlton Mellick III is the weirdest work of 80’s sociopolitical satire you’ll ever read, based on one of the worst-best examples of early computer animation in popular culture.

Shhhh, Disney can hear you!

“Wesley was depressed. He never used to be such a depressing character.

Wesley is an adopted and recently re-orphaned, his dreams of an artistic career recently turned Upside Down and crushed by cruel reality, making him Another Brick In The Wall. Now, Wesley is forced to work at WinCorp 9 to 5 in a cubicle across from a guy he hates, making it very Hard To Say He’s Sorry when he messes up. Thanks to his coworkers, Wesley is introduced into the Maniac world of Cybernetix, where Sweet Dreams (are made of VR simulations). There he experiences a Total Eclipse Of The Heart and kinda sorta plays a part toward making Heaven A Place on Earth.


“Most of the matches, Wesley died first.”

I don’t very much like my generation’s fixation with nostalgia. While I did grow up in the 80’s and loved every single thing on TV and the toy store shelves at the time, I do not miss them, not really. Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up or that the Transformers episodes look downright TERRIBLE when you watch them past the age of 11, but I have always considered this fixation of my generation not to grow up alarming to say the least.

Cybernetrix is the work of a man who either secretly agrees with me or likes the 80’s so much he would probably marry them. It’s funny, it’s dark and it’s bloody in every way that counts. It  creates a world where the 80’s never ended and no-one was bold or brave enough to pick up the reins of pop culture and pretty much damned the world that we know, replacing it for something that has chosen to remain stuck to the past.

Then he promptly tears it apart while keeping your face glued to your e-reader’s monitor so you end up bumping you head against a bus-stop sign.

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