For Sale: One Red Planet by Jeff Hewitt

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For Sale: One Red Planet by Jeff Hewitt is the story of ECD Trimmond and his continued attempts to get rid of the real-estate burden that is Mars, passed down to him from his forefathers and the interested parties that pester him along the way.


Trimmond is stuck with a red planet and he has no idea what to do with it. It’s too historically valuable to scrap, nobody wants to colonize it and terraforming is on its way out. Not to mention the tribe of indigenous natives that live in this place, refugees from a galactic war, who have made the world their home and might have trouble with the extermination clauses in the contract.

Perhaps trimmond shouldn’t have tried far-future Craigslist for this…

“Anti-speciesist is codeword for anti-human, Mr. Trimmond…”

Apparently I have developed a taste for those email-exchange format stories. Maybe don’ finally got to me or I just have a sick fascination with the idea of watching a story unfold in the closest thing I can come to real-time. Might be that I also like seeing the only reasonable person in the exchange struggling to fend off the jackass-du-jour.

For Sale: Red Planet is a very fun read that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, delivering a series of funny exchanges in rapid succession but above all, kept in mind that the future will be just as problematic as our present.

The punchline was a punch to the jaw, too.

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