Planet of Dreams by James McKimmey

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"Planet of Dreams" is a 1953 science fiction short story by James McKimmey, Jr. It is about the leader of a world where robots do everything for humans.

Ever since reading Isaac Asimov’s excellent novel The Naked Sun I have always thought it would be wonderful to live on a world where there are loads of robotic servants. I imagine a world of peace, tranquility and best of all: no work! Well, here is a fine story where we see that very setting – and yet all isn’t ideal… or even as it seems!

Non-Spoiler Summary

Perfect hedge by Chris Huggins, CC 2.0 license, CC 2.0 license

A couple of years ago Daniel Loveral led a small group of humans to a wonderful planet, and set up the perfect society in which an army of robotic servants did absolutely everything and the people were able to spend their time pursuing mental greatness… and sleeping. Well, everybody except Loveral that is – you see someone has to administer the day-to-day duties of society, and see to the robots’ maintenance schedule. But I guess that is the price he pays for being the leader. All is going so well until one day Loveral hears some strange noises, and he is led to the Atkinsons’ house where he finds a couple of people in dire straits! Hmm… let’s hope their condition isn’t indicative of the rest of the colony!

My Two Cents

  • Story: 3 stars – This story was OK, but it wasn’t anything new.
  • Writing: 4 stars – Overall I thought the writing was pretty good. But there were some parts (like when Loveral is chatting with Mrs. Atkinson) that felt kind of faked and forced.
  • Fun Factor: 3 stars – I think this would have made a really great longer story. But as it stands the story is just average – well, except for the parts about living in a robotic society!

Where To Find Planet of Dreams

  • This short story was first published in the September 1953 edition of If Worlds of Science Fiction.
  • You can read "Planet of Dreams" for free online (or download it in various formats) at Project Gutenberg.

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