Romero 2.0 by David Conyers and Brian Sammons

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Romero 2.0 by David Conyers and Brian Sammons  is old-school Martian zombie horror, the kind that the genre needs as it swan song, before we shoot it in the head and then cry about it for 4 episodes.

“I need to inject you with this fluid, Beth. It will keep you warm, and protect you.”

There are dead men on Mars, walking around in vacuum-suits, their veins filled with anti-freeze. They toil and they mourn endlessly, as they walk through the great fields of the Red Planet, caked in red dust to serve their living controllers. Some might argue this is a gruesome facet of the already horrifying institution of slavery.

But the hard truth of the matter is that dead folks are cheaper than robots.

“…g… …em.”

Romero 2.0 is the kind of zombie story that Walking Dead forgot it ought to become and pop culture has forgotten. Like the original Dawn of the Dead cycle, it’s a horrifying satire of our lives, our society, our inadequacies. Romero 2.0 is a claustrophobic horrifying creation that moans and groans and clicks its teeth behind the hard protective glass of the sporting goods store at the mall where you’re hiding and you know that sooner or later, it is going to break through and get you.

So if you are sick and tired of zombie serials, zombie comic books, zombie soap operas and zombie-related fiction but your narrative Stockholm Syndrome still urges you to get more, then Conyers and Sammons just gave you a damn break. Make the most of it.

Technical stuff:

  • 5000 words.
  • When I first started reading through this story, I went ‘Ugggh, zombies’ toward the end I was like ‘holy crap, zombies’
  • David Conyers and Brian Sammons are horror authors that like to throw some scifi into the blender and press the puree switch just to see what’s gonna come out.
  • This story is in the Undead & Unbound anthology by Chaosium Press.
  • Damn, this is my last review for 2013, isn’t it? Have a very Merry Christmas the lot of you and to all a happy 2014!


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