Graveyard Orbit by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

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Graveyard Orbit by Shane Jiraiya Cummings is the kind of story Dead Space wants to be but fails and Event Horizon didn’t manage to become because the writers pulled their punches.

He’d always wondered if Tim had survived, however fleetingly, under a hundred thousand tons of lunar rock.

Captain Walkerowns the Wellington, a deep-space exploration vessel with a cyberneticaly enhanced human crew that has undertaken the challenge of traveling 150 light years from Earth to explore Osiris II, a planet that has just recently been detected by human deep-space mapping technology and has not been colonized.

Must be the fact that it’s got all those trillions of dead life-forms orbiting it…

 “It’s a flute, Captain Walker. A very special flute.”

It’s always good to see modern Lovecraftian short fiction taking new and interesting approaches to the medium, especially when those approaches serve to silence those of us who used to laugh at the idea of Cthulhu in Space. The idea might appear as a rip-off of either Aliens, Event Horizon or any other space disaster schlock movie at first, but it turns out to be so much more.

It features transhumans, space exploration, hungry alien gods, nightmarish landscapes and has some pretty damn cool visuals in there. I want to go on about it, but anything I might say after this point will only serve to spoil it, so you might want to give it a read for yourselves. But I will give you this little tidbit for free: it crosses over with Harisson Peel’s continuity and that bit made me squeal with glee like a little girl.

Technical Stuff:

  • 3500 words
  • Damn, this story took me back to my Call Of Cthulhu Keeper days…good times.
  • Shane Jiraya Cummings is an Australian author of dark sf. He’s got a website, which you can visit here
  • I would like to see this turned into a movie, but then I would have to trust some Hollywood hack not to mess it up and I can’t in good faith, do that.
  • This story appears in the Chtulhu Mythos Writers 2013 Sample and you can get it on Kindle, here

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