The Last Survivor of the Great Sexbot Revolution by A.C. Wise

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The Last Survivor of the Great Sexbot Revolution by A.C. Wise is not a story about smut. It’s not about far-future pleasure, either. It’s a story about endings, about history in the making, about one war seen in many different ways. It’s about the Moebius-strip shape of human history and human shame.

 “History is written by the victors, or so they say. The trouble with the Great Sexbot Revolution is no one is sure who won.”

A man is searching for answers, seeking to speak with the survivors of history, to warn them of the cycle about to begin anew. He tracks down Alma Mae, the only woman in the world to possess a functioning sexbot, seeking to perhaps make some sense out of history, to peer at the truth and stare at a relic of the past. But what he finds is not at all what he expected.

“Human memory is short. And my side of the story is the only one left.”

The Last Survivor felt more like a humor piece, when I started reading it. Perhaps I would get a good chuckle with a bit of a dirty joke and perhaps someone would inform me about the exact nature of a snozberry at last.

Turns out, this is not at all a story about smut, or robot revolutions. It’s a little exploration into the nature and motion of history. During the story, the Revolution is recounted in simultaneously consistent, yet different ways, the details coming together to form a complex fractal, with the only fragment of honest-to-God evidence left being a cryptic survivor.

If science fiction is essentially socio-political satire, then The Last Survivor ddoesn’t just fit the definition like a glove: it molds it to its specifications.

Technical stuff:

  • 3500 words
  • A.C. Wise is a science fiction author from Montreal. She’s got a website, here (
  • This story contains the SCARIEST depiction of a robot apocalypse I’ve read so far.
  • You can find this story online, by clicking here. Suggest you try the audio version for an extra helping of awesome.
  • I am still totally buying a sexbot when they come out.



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