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Black Sun By Todd Nelsen

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Black Sun by Todd Nelsen is a story about a hero returning to fight the good fight, roused after his imprisonment by cosmic power, to set the world to writes, superhero-style!

“To sacrifice oneself for the greater good will always be my calling. To die for those in need, my greatest surrender. I am the fire in the night.”

John Cordell is a man in need, finding his species at the brink of extinction by the 13, an alliance of superhuman beings attacking Earth. Seeking some sort of solution before the coming onslaught, he finds Doran, the superhuman who faced them, a creature of immense power and impossible strength. He hopes that perhaps, he will be enough.

He is wrong.

“FLY, my mind said. FLY”

There is one thing I noticed, while reading this story: Todd Nelsen is a vocal Superman nerd and his story spoke out for the best qualities of the character. While Black Sun might be missing some of the more bizarre elements found in the adventures of the world’s best known superhuman, it is still a story of one man rising up to the challenge against impossible odds.

Also true to the style of the superhero comics of 70’s Superman, the story contains a layer of trancendense that you would be hard pressed to find in superhero comics these days. It’s big, it’s sprawling, it’s pretty damn epic and it’s a great read, while you’re waiting for the next Superman movie to be ruined.

Unless you swing for the other team, in which case, enjoy your Norse hammer-flinging beefcake du jour.

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