The Old One By PA Douglas

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The Old One By PA Douglas is the literary equivalent of a chainsaw revving up halfway through a solemn open mic night of Lovecraft reading, before breaking into a slam poetry version of ‘The Fungi from Yuggoth’


“She is known as the Old One. For centuries, she has been dormant at the ocean floor awaiting the day that fate would allow her to return to the surface and reclaim

divinity over mankind.”

Ryan Perish is a pensioner, living his days in a small coastal city, mourning the loss of his wife and passing his days in quiet, solemn boredom. He’s got good neighbours, a boat and a serviceable fishing rod. But when Ryan encounters something off the coast of his home town, things go from bad to worse to apocalyptic in 10,000 words or less.

Amanda Potts ached inside.

It was a mother’s ache.

The Old One is to Lovecraft fiction what the Evil Dead is to ghost stories. While the Peel files are applied espionage action thriller in the context of the Mythos, this is 70’s monster movie material. It’s thrilling, it’s shocking, it makes you crash and tumble and burn across 200 pages worth of disaster and terror.

Pat Douglas explained to me how much he appreciated Lovecraft’s work and how The Old One is more of a love letter to the Mythos, rather than a blatant remake of the same old story and I can see that. It is cruel, it is alien uncaring and destructive, but it would also make for a pretty damn good 2013 summer blockbuster release, provided someone edited out the more gruesome bits.

Oh who am I kidding? It’s a blood-soaked carnival of delights, this book.

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