North of the Arctic Circle By Peter Rawlik

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North of the Arctic Circle By Peter Rawlik is a story about Christmas and the joy it brings to the meek and the mighty alike. It’s a story of almost-redemption and it plays out like a Hammer Horror Christmas Special.

“Victor Frankenstein looked out, on the feast of Steven…”

The dead man and his creation were brought to him from the distant places at the fringes of his domain. Necromancy restored the man and his genius to a semblance of life. Crude alchemy rejuvenated the creation. Now, the Red King demands his due, offering the dead man and his creation a chance at redemption. Serve him and they will be saved, in turn and in time.

A Red King sits on a red throne, thinking red thoughts.

North of the Arctic Circle was a pretty great read. After the disappointment that was the Rise of The Guardians (good God, was that a mess), I found this story to be a very nice and adult retelling of what could have easily become a soddily written fanfic in the hands of a man lacking Rawlik’s talent. It’s also a pretty great crossover, combining some of pop culture’s most iconic characters and binding them with horrible implications.

What’s more interesting, however, is that North Of The Arctic Circle delves into what could be some borderline risque material and pulls it off so damn well. Because at its core, this story isn’t so much a run-of-the-mill horror affair. In a way, it is a horror story about families and it pulls this off with astonishing success.

The story plays out nicely in your head and the setting pretty much caught my mind’s eye the second I started reading this story and that’s a win-win in my book.

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