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Flash Fiction Monday: Collector Girl and Barista Girl

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The wonderful web site Flash Fiction Online has had a bit of a cosmetic make-over since the last time I visited it. Sure, it looks all new and nifty now, but it is the stories that make this site really great! Here are two very well written stories, both of which I highly recommend!

The Shallows by Nathaniel Lee

A young girl finds a small piece of an alien ship behind her house. What is she to do with it? Maybe she’ll sell it, or maybe she’ll keep it, or maybe, just maybe, she’ll do something that no one expects!

Read The Shallows online for free.

Beholder by Sarah Grey

An older, well-to-do woman meets an incompetent young employee at a coffee bar. A flood of information pretty much sums up the younger woman’s life: weird. The older woman, though, has a great idea – one which could change the other’s life!

Read Beholder online for free.


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2 thoughts to “Flash Fiction Monday: Collector Girl and Barista Girl”

  1. Wow! Thanks for the great review. You chose two of my all time favorite pieces. Can’t go wrong with Nathaniel Lee and Sarah Grey. Thanks for your support!
    Anna Yeatts,
    Publisher, Flash Fiction Online

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