After the Myths Went Home by Robert Silverberg

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After the Myths Went Home by Robert Silverberg is the one story you know it would make for an awesome Dr Who special. Or Twilight Zone episode. Or anything, just somebody PLEASE MAKE THIS!

“Leor’s new machine had crystal rods and silver sides. A giant emerald was embedded in its twelve-angled lid.”

There are no problems in the future. Everyone’s belly is full, no-one drowns or thirsts or is ever unhappy. There are such lovely marvels in the future, when the mysteries of the Universe have been laid bare and Earth’s problems are in Earth’s past, the planet itself a distant memory.

It is the best of times and the worst part is, everybody agrees.

“He brought forth Hector and Achilles, Orpheus, Perseus, Loki, and Absalom. He brought forth Medea, Cassandra, Odysseus, Oedipus.”

After the Myths went home is a big old jawbreaker of a story. It’s enchanting and it’s epic in scope. it hints at a greater, better world but also lets you look into its boredom and the blandness of its marvel. it promises you a Universe’s worth of miracles and joins in the glories of the past (true and fictional) and then it takes them away, only to replace them with something better, bigger, even more epic.

This is the kind of stuff that every science fiction series that respects itself should be made of. Short, sweet works of pure awesome. 30 minutes of quality over trite quantity that drags on and on and on. Also, a little bit less focus on the hard science of everything and more on actually satirizing our roots and our beliefs. Because this here story? This is pure timeless epicness.

It’s also like, 2500 words long, so yeah, more like a punch to the face, followed by a glorious fireworks display.

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