Stop me if you’ve heard this one by KC Ball

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one by KC Ball is a story about cruelty, phobia of germs and the ramifications of situational comedy, in regards to interspecies’ culture. It’s also kind of horrifying.

“So, like, this little green dude walks at the bar…”

Augie hates germs. He makes sure he keeps his place clean, cleaner than it ought to be, so he won’t ever have to deal with them. But Augie knows that you can’t escape every kind of germ. There are immortal bacteria in Lagrange space, drifting on comet-dust. There are indestructible patches of fungi, shedding off the hulls of spaceships. Some of them, the aliens bring with them.

And Augie knows all there is to know about aliens.

Disinfectant can only take you so far…

Stop Me If You’ve Heard this one would make a great scifi sketch. It’s short, it’s cruel, it packs a mean punch and above all, it rolls right down your head like a screaming fat man.

KC Ball does a great job at depicting characters, setting up a story, playing out a mystery and then finally paying off in such a short time. It also helps that her final segment of the story is trippy as all hell and adds that particular insult to the injury your mind’s just sustained.

The short of it:

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