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All Art Is Junk By Rob Harris

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All Art Is Junk by Rob Harris is a 30k word ode to weirdness, art, pure mindless mayhem and the End Of The World. Also, cyborgs.

I am Lancelot and I am Junk. I am your knight and I am your shield.

The world has ended in a flood that has eliminated 99.9% of mankind. Of all of mankind’s endeavours, only the Installation (a place where the avant-garde go to pat each other on the back in peace) remains, itself reduced to lawlessness and bloody anarchy under the rule of Mad-scientist-turned-genocidal-artist, Mansell.

Oh and he’s got a killer cyborg with twin T-Rex heads.

“There’s a Turkish delight, a cat whose gums are slack”

I’ll be frank with you here: you are either going to love All Art is Junk (like I did) or you are going to hate it. This book isn’t exactly science fiction per se but belongs into the oddball genre of bizarre, which (form the collective sound of you cringing) might not be your cup of tea. I know it isn’t for me either.

Robert Harris writes brilliant prose and his robots are awesome affairs that fight clones and traverse Hell-On-Earth to achieve their cause and during my 6-hour-long marathon read-through, I loved them and gated them altogether. But the parts that are distinctly bizarre clashed in my mind as utterly alien. They were, however, few and far between, giving you a pretty damn solid book to blow through at the end of the day.

Final thoughts:

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