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Flash Fiction Monday: Alien Meetings and Copied Cells

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Have you ever been late for something really important? I have, and the feelings I had weren’t great either. Today’s pieces include one story about this very problem, and a man who can’t decide if he should count himself lucky or not!

Jobsworth by Rob Sharp

The first aliens have finally visited Earth, and the man who brokered the whole deal is late to the historic meeting. A very particular security guard has been instructed to not allow entrance for any late-comers – at least not until the first round of very strange talks are over!

Read Jobsworth online for free.

Copy and Paste by Bob Newbell

How will future humans explore and settle the vastness of space? Well, we always imagine that there will be big starships that either travel faster than light, or take generations to reach their destination. Here is a cool little story that gives us an alternative to those types of transportation – with details that extend all the way down to the cellular level!

Read Copy and Paste online for free.


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