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5 Science Fiction shorts you should watch right now

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5 Science Fiction shorts you should watch right now, because they are sweet, they are funny, they are compelling and they are proof that great stuff can be made when you have the inspiration and the bloody-minded tenacity to pull them off. A perfect way to end this Loathsome Summer.

Action! Excitement! Dating! Giant monsters! Depression!

Starting with something on the lighter, happier side, we’ve got DANGER PLANET, created by Justin Burks and 4 of his (apparently very loving) buddies. It’s a love story with that touch of 50’s scifi you desperately need when you’re just sick and tired of this 0-level civilization you currently inhabit.

Click here for ACTION!

BRAIN DIVIDED is a story about guys and dating. Louis CK had said “A dude isn’t himself on his first date. He’s just a collection of people he has seen or TV or met, a mish-mash of personalities he just flings at a hot girl until she either screams and runs away or gives up the goods.” The team behind this short have apparently experienced this feeling extensively.

Click here for DATING!

THE ORIGIN OF CREATURES is one of those really weird films that you’re either going to love or downright hate. Personally, I found it to be unsettling and very moving at the same time. Floris Kayak does an excellent job bringing the point across and deserves your views (and your respect for even pulling this off)


PARASITE CHOI was made by people who love their job more than I could possibly imagine. It’s science fiction horror at its finest, managing to convey so much through so little. The effects are outstanding and you can see the blood those 15 people who made it sweated in every frame.
Click here for AWESOME!

LEGACY is so goddamn sad. It also reminds me of those great old science fiction stories, where alien life contacts man and realizes it has come too late. Grzegorz Jonkajtys knows how to bum you out.

Click here for old-school scifi DEPRESSION!

Technical stuff:

  • Average runtime is set at 3 minutes.
  • Which means you can watch these on your smoke break or between sips of your coffee
  • Visit the websites of each creator. Each of them has a ton of their own, independent work that you ought to check out.
  • It’s also refreshing to know that there are new ideas circulating the Interwebs and entertainment hasn’t just become a loop of endless remake and franchise regurgitation.


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