Cry From A Far Planet by Tom Godwin

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“Cry From A Far Planet” is a 1958 science fiction short story by Tom Godwin. It is about a space explorer who is haunted by a cat-like alien.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Sumatran Tiger Conservation Project by Roger Smith, CC 2.0 license

Paul Jameson’s ship is part of a fleet of 15 special exploration vessels – each heavily armed and sent from Earth with identical twins at the helm. The ships and their pilots are slowly being destroyed under very mysterious circumstances. In fact Paul’s brother recently died while exploring a planet with strange but docile cat-like aliens. Now that Paul is on another planet and having a difficult time communicating with the natives, he suddenly feels like he is being watched inside his own vessel. Add to that the unsure glimpses he keeps getting of one of the cat aliens and you have to wonder if he is really being watched – or if it his imagination playing tricks on him. Hmm… maybe this situation with the natives will help him decide what is real and what isn’t!

My Two Cents

  • Story: 4 stars – The communication barrier presented here was nothing new, but how the situation was overcome was a really cool idea! Also, I liked the cat thing.
  • Writing: 4 stars – This story was written well, and had a very mysterious (very 1960s-ish) tone that made it even more fun to read! I didn’t like the abrupt ending, however.
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars – Overall a very good read. If you like other stories by Tom Godwin (such as The Cold Equations) then you’ll most likely enjoy this one too.

Where To Get Cry From A Far Planet

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