Misbegotten (the Runaway Nun) by Ceasar Voghan

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Misbegotten (the Runaway Nun) by Caesar Voghan is an off-the-wall little episodic novelette set on an Earth ruined by asteroid impacts, roamed by armed attack-monks and Jean D’Arc cyborgs. A perfect fit for this Loathsome Summer.

So, like, there’s Hitler in his deathbed and Father Micon, a black priest is giving him his last Communion…

It is pretty much the way I think Voghan pitched the book to himself when he started writing it. And it goes a long way toward establishing the world of Misbegotten, a post-apocalyptic dystopic Amerikania, ruled by the Iron Fist of the Rodeo Pope, enforced by armies of sword-wielding monks, held together by faith, blood and good old steel.

“It was the wrong kind of field trip”

Misbegotten was kind of a blind purchase to me and (like most of them) didn’t really let me down. It’s a pretty wonky story that’s very much reminiscent of Stephenson’s Snow Crash, except with a lot more socio-religious critique than sniping at consumerist culture. It’s the right amount of wacky and properly grim and, to be honest, the aircraft-carrier-turned-monastery imagery of the Domus Mariae and the attack monks really stuck with me.

I am not a fan of episodically published stories, myself, but if Mister Voghan keeps Misbegotten at the same wonky pace he’s started off with, then he’s got my vote. And my money.

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