Playing With Fire by Third FlatIron publishing

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Playing With Fire by Third FlatIron publishing is a pretty cool anthology about the dangers of dealing with forces beyond your control. It is particularly depressing, disruptive and in some cases, distressing. Welcome to this Loathsome Summer.

Introducing…MONGROW! The invincible, omnivorous vegetable life-form of the future!

Toying with time. Playing around with the natural order of things. Disturbing the fetish-relics of old gods. Lonely ghosts and the God Particle. All this and more, await you in well-written segments of 3000 words or so in this anthology. You will be horrified, you will be entertained and in some cases, you might just be amazed.

“Thus, Marlowe posed the silent question: could aspiring Icarus be happy with a toilsome life on land managing a plough with plodding oxen having once tasted the weightless bliss of flight?”
E.A. Bucchianeri
, Faust: My Soul Be Damned for the World: Volume I

There were things man was not meant to meddle with, never mind know. There are things that change man, that put him in dire, unknowable peril, that should best remain beyond man’s understanding. But alas, life and intelligence are terrible plagues which drive us on to seek further knowledge, to prod and push and cut at the edges of our understanding. So far, results have not been anywhere near as disastrous as we hope them to be.

Thankfully, our fiction has us covered. I had bought Playing With Fire on a whim, thinking that 2.99 would perhaps get me an entertaining anthology to pass the time. 24 hours later, I was going through a second selective read-through of my favorite stories. 48 hours later, I was writing this review.

Playing with Fire is a great example of an anthology by (mostly) aspiring writers who, I believe, deserve a chance in the spot light. The stories here are funny, terrifying and inventive and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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