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I don’t know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility by Qntm

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I don’t know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility by Qntm is a piece of existential terror, cleverly disguised as a story outlining the realization of the wet dream of every computer nerd ever. Hi, my name is Kostas and this is gonna be a Loathsome Summer.

And the computer nerd said: Let there Be Light. And there was Light. 13.6 billion light years of it.

Dinae and Timmy have created a quantum computer with infinite processing power, through which they have generated a perfect simulation of their current universe. This allows them to look into (and interact with) their own Universe, as well as look into the Universes below and above. Timmy is having a very hard time getting used to this, understandably.

An infinity of worlds, endlessly turning, shifting, changing in perfect harmony.

I honestly don’t know why this story isn’t on a professional magazine and why the author hasn’t been paid for it. While the idea of man existing in an impossibly elaborate simulation isn’t exactly anything new, this iteration turns it into a quick, breakneck roller coaster ride that kicks your ass and makes you want to check behind you, to make sure no holes-in-space from the realities above haven’t materialized just yet.

This story is a must read, especially if you’re into existential terror and feel like doubting the foundation of the space-time you are currently inhabiting.

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