Chick Feet by Lauren C.Teffeau

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Chicken Feet by Lauren C. Teffeau is my next stop in what I’d like to call my ‘Loathsome Summer’ series. Because I’m broke and I can’t afford going on vacation and I’m stuck in Athens, I’ll be unloading depressing (yet meaningful) stories for your depression and entertainment!

We’ll manage. We always manage.

Emelie lives in a farm with her dad and her sister. She’s in love with a boy called Elian and they all try to make do in this time of poverty, borderline famine and terrifying, heating-less winters same as everybody else. But Emelie’s had enough of those terrible winters and the hopeless times she’s lived in. She decides to give up on farming and trade for the only commodity she has left in spades:


Blue is for Health, Green is for Harvest, Red is for Luck and Pink is the flashiest.

Chicken Legs is the kind of story that you need to read, if you’re broke and you find yourself in dire (personal and professional) straits. It’s a story about making do, about looking for ways to help yourself and your family and working around your problems.

It’s very difficult for me to put down how and why Chicken Legs made such an impression on me. Maybe it’s because I am pretty much going through a similar (though not half as bleak) phase as the protagonist. Maybe because I can see the similarities in the story corresponding to the situation in my country or maybe, just maybe, because this story is once again, about the people at the end of the world instead of the end of the world itself.

Either way, this is a must-read. Do yourself a favor, if you have the time, and check out the audio version as well.

Technical Stuff:

  • 3000 words-ish long
  • Lauren Teffeau trades in hope.
  • You can find the story posted online here, on the Wily Writers Audible fiction website.
  • And since the writers are paid by the comment or rating, please take the time when you’re done and help a writer out.
  • Writer-Brofist, Lauren.


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  1. Cool review Kostas – I’ll have to check this story out.

    But you’re “stuck in Athens?” One of the most famous and historic cities in the world? Sorry man, but I can’t say I feel too bad for you! 😉

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