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Professor Incognito Apologizes by Austin Grossman

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Professor Incognito Apologizes by Austin Grossman is an inspiring piece of fiction for supervillains the world over, that serves both as a perfect tool for amusement, as well for the laying of the foundation of our downfall in the hands of the crimefighting superhumans.

RE: Professor Incognito’s obvious lack of adherence to professional etiquette.

While Professor Incognito DESERVES to be applauded for his numerous victories, evading capture by superhumans and his eventual and total victory over his arch-nemesis, this council of Supervillains finds this story as a very subtle and well-worded offense to etiquette. Despite the Professor’s adherence to the rule of the Pompous Monologue (as outlined by protocol), his revelation of his plans and his past to the subject of the story (Suzanne) and his complete and utter unraveling of his Master Plan is a spit in this council’s face.

Were it in my hands (and unfettered by the votes of Lady Tyrannus and Master Crusher), I would have sanctioned the deletion of this story and its destruction from the FictionVerse since the moment it came to our council’s attention.

RE: This story’s value as a tool for entertainment and mental stimulation.

It is, however, important to note that this story is a beacon of hope among our community. Each of us, having been repeatedly thwarted by the collective efforts of the Frontliners, the Red God and other crimefighting superhumans, we find this story to promise a better time, one of crushed cities and a kneeling Earth, of foes vanquished and glory everlasting.

We find Professor Incognito Apologizes to be a call-out to our own future victories, the fuel that will drive us further and further (either across the stars or in the depths of the Anti-Universe), as we look for ways and means to bring about our utopias. It is, truly, a call to arms for our kind, which despite its blatant breach of decorum, needs to be treasured and remembered. And perhaps even used as inspiration.

The bit about ending world hunger made my sides burst, though-Master Crusher.

RE: Cataloguing this story


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