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Hope by Michael A. Burstein

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“Hope” is a 2010 science fiction short story by Michael A. Burstein. It is about the captain of a generation ship who must make a difficult decision.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Australia's first female riverboat Captain, Captain Pearl Hogg, 1950 by State Library of South Australia, CC 2.0 license

Samantha Evangelina Jones was born on the generation ship “Ballyshannon” – where she is now the captain. There are many things that she doesn’t like about her job, and the ship, but it is all she has ever known. Well, one day her usual routine gets monkey-wrenched when a strange visitor shows up in her quarters and makes a very unusual and highly dangerous demand of her! Whatever will she do?!

My Two Cents

  • Story: 3 stars – This story combines 2 not-very-unique (but fun nonetheless) ideas: generation ships and time travelers. So it doesn’t score high on the Wow factor, but it was still a nice read.
  • Writing: 3 stars – I thought some of the dialogue was a little bit clunky, but overall the author did a pretty good job.
  • Fun Factor: 3 stars – I think this story would have been more fun if not for one thing: I could see the ending coming a mile away! So, yeah, a little predictable – but, again, overall it was still a fun story to read.

Where To Get Hope

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