Greener than you Think by Ward Moore

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Greener Than You Think by Ward Moore is one of those stories that may not be as wildly celebrated as most well-known science fiction epics, but it oughtta, by sheer virtue of it being so damn good.


“Weiner, you unutterably despicable little man, how I loathe you…”

Doctor Francis is a brilliant agriculturalist who dreams to rid the world of famine. Her patented invention (popularly dubbed the metamorphizer) is a revolutionary chemical, intended for use in crops, in order to speed up their growth, resilience and output tremendously. Unfortunately for her, while seeking to market this invention, she hires Albert Weiner, a moderately successful being with the manners of an orangutan and the tenacity of plague bacteria, who royally screws the pooch.

“Lush, verdant green, far as the eye could see…”

Greener Than You Think is a story that perfectly predicts the global mutated crop and impending ecological collapse scare that we are now experiencing. It’s a funny, intelligent epic about man’s inability to content himself with his environment and his constant desire to change it to suit his needs, with catastrophic results.

In many ways, this story (complete with its despicable narrator and other elements) resonates best with our current state of mind and living. Without wanting to give too much away, I’d just like to say that, after reading this through, you had best take a quick gander at the documentary Life After People, which will pretty much help you digest the ideas presented in this book as a whole.

Literary specifications:

  • Word Count: 60,000 words
  • May cause spontaneous outbursts of ecological insight
  • Available in ebook format by Gutenberg
  • But the audiobook is like, way better. And free. Click here to get it.
  • It’s a shame Ward Moore ain’t round anymore. I’d love to go out for drink with him and Robert Bloch and then perhaps get in a fistfight with Hemingway while I’m at it.
  • Hemingway would probably kick my ass, though.

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