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Captain Confederation By Jim Robb

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Captain Confederation By Jim Robb is a superhero story that takes a syper-condensed look into superhumanity in 3000 words or less!

The Little People:

Captain Confederation is as strong as a steamhammer! Tougher than polymer-based metals! Faster than a space shuttle reaching escape velocities! He saves the world, changes the course of mighty rivers but just…can’t…stand the goddamn bureaucracy.

The Bigger Picture:

Cpatain Confederation is one of those stories that are going to be interpreted differently by different people. Superhero nerds (such as myself) will see this as the conflict of superhumanity and mankind and will raise the question ‘why does he put up with this, exactly?’. Cynics will see this story as a comedic look on the very real possibility of interaction between superhumans and baseline, ‘vanilla’ humanity.  And finally, the average scifi nerd will get a pretty eloquent definition of what it means to be superhuman in comics.

Captain Confederation is a funny little look into what superhero culture is about, how it works and why it deals with its existing tropes and it brings it pretty much condenses 40 years of history into a single, superdense narrative point.


  • 3500 words
  • Featuring the trite, grey world that dwells behind the printed pandemonium!
  • Brought to you by AE scifi, the Canadian Carnival of Fictitious Sicentific delight!
  • To be read here, for free!
  • Wholesome fun for the whole family! (WARNING: Contains above-average concentrations of cynicism per word than your average scifi story. Read with caution.)

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