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The Farm by George Right

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The Farm by George Right is one of those stories that makes me feel proud not to be a pet owner…


A Man and his Dog

Fred Marlowe’s sixty-two and a widow. He’s also terribly miserable. His son barely ever writes and he knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s dead and the farm is left to rot, his life’s work forgotten. But at least he’s got his dog, right?


The Farm is a really strange story. Not because it’s convoluted or because it deals with high-brow matters that plague human society (well, not largely, anyway) but because its format, pacing and set-up in itself is reminiscent of a 60’s Twilight Zone episode.

It is also designed to probably piss a few overzealous pet owners off, as well, which is a good thing.

The Farm is one of those rare examples of a short science fiction stories where you get a complete commentary on human social relations, useful exposition and an engaging (and also infuriating) adversity that mankind may not be able to overcome. It also pretty damn funny, which sort of helps, as the story is so unimaginably depressing.

The Farm:

  • Population: 3,000 words
  • George Right has published a number of his works outside of the American Market, despite being an American writer himself. Hmmm, I know dat feel.
  • The story is available here:
  • I’m never getting a dog.

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