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Flash Fiction Monday: Fighting with Aliens and Robots

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Today I chose a couple of flash fiction stories that were recommended by my friend Dave: proprietor of QuasarDragon and all-around good guy! I was very happy with these stories, and I’m pretty confident that you will be too – especially if you enjoy a good fight!

Fregh and Young Brawl at the Skev by Alex Grover

Those macho aliens – always fighting and looking for a new way to beat somebody up. Sheesh! You’d think they would get tired of it – especially when they are constantly losing vital body parts!

Read Fregh and Young Brawl at the Skev online for free.

The Art That Keeps by Jae Miles

Master Needles is a true practitioner of the Way – a type of renegade, futuristic martial art. But it is his tiny, super strong needles that you have to watch out for – especially if you are a thug-like robot!

Read The Art That Keeps online for free.


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