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Fleep by Jeremy Sim

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Fleep by Jeremy Sim is an odd little case of a story that show how science fiction isn’t always about kick-ass starships, warp drives and omnipotent computers.

Sometimes, Science Fiction is about the little things…

Fleep is the story of two hotel owners, Nicholas and Boon, struggling to get by with their tiny two-room hotel business in Singapore, while struggling with hospital debts and day-to-day survival. Things are looking downright grim, until the Brindlefarb family comes to save the day… thanks to some gross tourist exploitation.

Why this particular story about little things is important:

Well, first off, this is a story about the financial crisis blues, plain and simple. It’s the tale of two broke dudes who try to get by, devising a number of ways (both legal and illegal) and use all manner of underhanded ploys to make themselves a buck.

In many ways, this story reminded me of my own experiences during my summer jobs in a hotel, acting as a concierge and emergency cleaning staff, as well as the nightmarish experiences of trying to keep three dozen people happy inside a tiny little complex.

Fleep spoke to me in the manner, but it also showed me a society which, despite all its advances, is so chillingly close to our own. The fact that Jeremy Sim’s funny writing style is also evocative and the Brindlefarbs are funny as hell also helps.

Visit the sunny world of Fleep today and find…

  • 4000 words worth of fun!
  • Subtle and intelligent social commentary!
  • A night’s stay in the mind of a man who knows the future is just as bad as the present!
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