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The Crystal Crypt by Philip K. Dick

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“The Crystal Crypt” is a 1954 science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick. It is about three human saboteurs who attack a Martian city and then flee to Earth.

Spies Like Us

Ah the political intrigue that comes with war – it makes for great stories even though it probably isn’t very fun in real life. Here is a great little story by a classic SF author about some political maneuvering between Earth and Mars.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Glowing Crystals, Quartz Giant by cobalt123, CC 2.0 license

Just as war is about to break out between Earth and Mars the last ship leaves the red planet for Terra, transporting the last human refugees back home. But the ship barely gets out of Mars orbit when it is diverted and boarded by Martian soldiers who are looking for 3 saboteurs who recently destroyed an entire Martian city! When all the passengers pass the lie-detector tests the ship resumes its course back to Earth, and its occupants pass the time at the bar. It is here that 3 of the passengers tell a remarkable story, and are quite surprised by the reaction it gets!

Some Interesting Tidbits

  • Word count: 7,261 (14 pages)
  • Did you know that Philip K. Dick passed away at the not-very-old age of 53? Yep, sadly it’s true – check out this biography page to learn more about this talented science fiction author.

Where To Find The Crystal Crypt

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