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Flash Fiction Monday: Long Waits and Cold Metal

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Do you remember what it was like to send letters – real letters, written on paper – to someone? Sometimes waiting for a reply was almost unbearable! One of today’s stories reminds us of the lesson learned from those real letters. You can decide if that is good or bad.

The Lag Has Made Us Patient by John Arcadian

Working on the moon makes it tough to communicate with loved ones back on Earth. With lag times in the 20 to 30 second range video chats make for an exercise in patience. But when something goes wrong those 20-30 second lag times suddenly don’t seem so bad!

Read The Lag Has Made Us Patient online for free.

Cold by Bronwyn Seward

Jimmy is a totally different person from the little boy he used to be – quite literally different. Even his old, “soft”, grandpa tries to talk some good old fashioned human sense into him. But you know these young whipper-snappers – you can’t change their minds for nothin’!

Read Cold online for free.


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