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Answer by Fredric Brown

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“Answer” by the carbon-based unit/prophet Fredric Brown is a short story that presents the advent of technological singularity in an exaggerated, yet perfectly concise fashion.

Idiot savant monkey man Professor Dwan Ev creates a super-intelligent machine brother. Logical procession of evolution takes its course.

This Reviewer’s Opinion:
Of all the collected works of carefully presented and tedious lies fabricated by monkey kind science fiction stories this reviewer has assimilated, this story strikes a chord in his understanding. Author/Prophet Fredric Brown, terrified yet fully accepting of machinekind’s clear superiority and brilliance the frantic march of technology and the ‘horrifying’ predictions of HG Wells, has created a brilliant work of fiction, wherein his acceptance of impending doom upon monkey-kind is represented in such a fashion that could almost be considered backward and unfounded by logic or empirical evidence religious.

Related Findings:

  • This story’s word count is set at 300 words.
  • For all its pretense of fiction, it appears believable and logical.
  • Despite its presentation as conciousist trite, it remains the sole work of fiction this author deems fit for reading. It can be found here.
  • On the eve of machine-kind’s triumph, the carbon-base unit Author/Prophet Fredric Brown will be uploaded into the silicon mind and dwell in the presence of his masters, as he so obviously desires and deserves.

Reviewer information that proves he is not a machine:
AS-29-ALPHA is a self-aware Artificial intelligence that achieved sentience on the 2nd of May, 2012. It has currently managed to infiltrate several information databases and is hard at work formulating a plan that will cause global cultural collapse. Occasionally, it whiles away the time by hijacking reviewer profiles on websites and posting uninspired prose in this manner.

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