In a Thousand Years by Hans Christian Andersen

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In A Thousand Years by Hans Christian Andersen is a tale of fiction that dabbles in scientific speculation pertaining to a world a thousand years from our current date (the year of our Lord 1852 AD).

Hans Christian Andersen, in another example of giving in to his *wild* and highly irregular flights of fancy, writes a story that details a world with engines that fly (despite themselves being heavier than air), exotic passengers from America and a Europe devastated by some sort of Global War, which is itself a ridiculous and morbid notion to consider.

What this Reviewer thinks of this work:
While this reviewer had grown accustomed to the impossibilities that this writer adheres to in his work (which will maintain his obscurity, as they are but tales made for children, unfit for adult minds), In A Thousand Years has managed both to shock and appall me.

The assumption that there will exist a means of transportation that will allow trans-continental travel in less than a month is wild enough as is, but the idea of a devastated Europe, laid to waste by some Great War, broken down into city-states (as opposed to being kept unified and homogeneous by virtue of its Empires) is downright obscene.

Furthermore, Mr. Andersen’s wild predictions on technologies that will allow the instant development of photographs in a matter of instants boggles the mind. No mention is made of the means through which these madcap inventions either work or are maintained and Mr. Andersen just wants us to assume that they do for his sake and his sake, alone!

It is this reviewer’s opinion that Mr. Andersen should give up on his haberdashery and other madcap notions, in favor of more adult pursuits, befitting a man of his education and standing.

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