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Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest by Bruce Boston

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"Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest" is a 2012 science fiction short story by Bruce Boston. It is about a soldier who finds his long, lost crush entangled in a semi-conscious forest.

2nd Chances?

Have you ever had a second chance with someone you used to have the hots for? Now there’s a situation that could swing wildly in either direction! Here’s the story of one man who meets the girl of his dreams years after he used to know her, and how her unfortunate situation affects him.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Ta Prohm Banyan 2 HDR by Subliminati, CC 2.0 license

An unnamed narrator tells us the story of how over the years a strange forest has surrounded and choked off civilization. One day while he and some companions are sweeping through the city he discovers a woman in the basement of the opera house who has been entangled in and infected by the forest. Just as he’s about to leave he recognizes her as a childhood friend and someone he used to have a massive crush on. After leaving he discovers that he can’t stop thinking about her so he returns to see if he can help her. Oh he helps her alright… but not in the manner he had planned! See what kinds of crazy things love makes you do – sheesh!

Some Interesting Tidbits

  • Word count: 1,918 (4 pages)
  • You can learn more about speculative fiction author Bruce Boston on his web page.
  • "Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest" has been nominated for the Horror Writers Association’s 2013 Bram Stoker Award.

Where To Find Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest

  • This short story first appeared on August 16, 2012 on the web site Daily Science Fiction.
  • You can read "Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest" for free online at the Daily Science Fiction web site.

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