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3 Science Fiction Stories on Wattpad

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This is a guest post by Paul Taylor.

For those who don’t know what Wattpad is, it is a website where writers can post their stories or novels to be read by anyone who has access to the Internet. It is a great method that provides new and seasoned writers a chance to gauge how their styles and ideas will play out to the general public. Readers can give critiques, comments, and insights about the story the author posted in order to make changes prior to publishing.

A great deal of science fiction exists on Wattpad. More than 135,000 titles exist for science fiction, and all of which is free to read. Nearly every genre of science fiction is available from Action to Werewolf. There is something for everyone who loves sci-fi in all of its forms.

1. Risen – A different take on undead existence, “Risen” is sure to engage those who are fans of the undead and aliens alike. This is about a story of a man who is one of many brought back from the dead hundreds of years later to fight a battle of battles – against an invading alien force. As one of the most popular stories of science fiction on Wattpad, “Risen” is sure to grab your attention as the author devises this unique look at life after death.

2. Audacity – Set in the future, this tale of quantum mechanics is able to hold your focus fairly well. This short story of a girl who is destined to kill the son of the man who abducted her parents has been deemed one of the most popular science fiction stories and has received many positive reviews so far.

3. Don’t Touch – This story is somewhat reminiscent of a spin-off of perhaps X-Men or Heroes. “Don’t Touch” is a story of a Canadian boy who inadvertently kills his girlfriend in the throes of passion by having a toxic touch that he is unable to control. Although the basic story feels too much like the background of “Rogue” from X-Men, the writing style still makes this story a good read for those who like mutant stories of mystery and genetic manipulation.

For a wide selection of science fiction, Wattpad is a valuable website full of free content. Whether you are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone thousands of titles are literally at your fingertips. Become a fan of an unknown author today and help a community of writers gain recognition for great talent.

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